SkatePal - Long

The ProSharp® SkatePal® delivers our patented high precision technology to skaters with extra long blades. These athletes recognize that maintaining razor sharp edges is the key to enhancing their on ice performance and minimizing injuries. Using a cold diamond sharpening process SkatePal® gives skaters unmatched sharpness, edge control and speed.

 Key Benefits for the skater:

• Same accurate sharpening result every single time
• Unmatched sharpness and glide
• Long lasting sharpening
• Better grip in fast turns
• Revolutionary Channel Z that gives you grip and glide

Key Benefits for the user:

• Easiest-to-use automatic sharpener, just one button to push
• No previous skate sharpening experience needed
• Quick changeable grinding wheels
• Light and portable
• Can create the Channel Z hollow
• Fast pay-back for your investment
• Can sharpen both speed skates, ice hockey and figure skates

Key Features:

• Retains the blade profile and hollow
• Quick changeable grinding wheels and hollow
• Cold diamond cut sharpening
• Automatic centering of skate blades
• Sharpens speed skates

Key Benefits:

• Maximize acceleration, agility and speed
• Unmatched sharpness and edge control
• Easy operation, consistent sharpening
• Eliminates uneven edges and overworked steel blade


Technical Data:

Power: 1 phase 100-240 VAC 50-60 Hz, 150 W

Dimensions: (L x W x H) 870 mm x 210 mm x 320 mm

Weight: 17,5 kg

Files related to SkatePal - Long

 Betriebsanleitung SkatePal-Pro3 (Ger).pdf Betriebsanleitung SkatePal-Pro3 (Ger).pdf Instruktioner Ger Skatepal Pro3 0.9 mb
 Instructies  SkatePal-Pro3 (Du).pdf Instructies SkatePal-Pro3 (Du).pdf Instruktioner Holl Skatepal Pro3 0.5 mb
 Instruction  SkatePal-Pro3 (Eng).pdf Instruction SkatePal-Pro3 (Eng).pdf Instruktioner Eng Skatepal Pro3 0.9 mb
 Instructions SkatePal-Pro3 (Fra).pdf Instructions SkatePal-Pro3 (Fra).pdf Instruktioner Fra Skatepal Pro3 0.8 mb
 Istruzioni  SkatePal-Pro3 (Ita).pdf Istruzioni SkatePal-Pro3 (Ita).pdf Instruktioner Ita Skatepal Pro3 0.6 mb
 Návod SkatePal-Pro3 (Cze).pdf Návod SkatePal-Pro3 (Cze).pdf Instruktioner Cze Skatepal Pro3 0.9 mb
 Broschyr_Originalinstructions_finnish.pdf Broschyr_Originalinstructions_finnish.pdf 5.1 mb
 Broschyr_Originalinstructions_sv.pdf Broschyr_Originalinstructions_sv.pdf 4.6 mb
 Broschyr_Originalinstructions-eng.pdf Broschyr_Originalinstructions-eng.pdf 5.1 mb

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