Develop Your Skating

ProSharp has taken skating to new heights with innovations that gives better grip, less friction and higher speed.

As we all know skating is the most important skill for improving overall success in ice hockey. The impact of high quality blades and skate sharpening to achieve superior performance has been widely overlooked.

By eliminating sharpening errors and adding ProSharp’s high tech precision, ice hockey players and figure skaters make significant progress in their skating performance.

You as an athlete work hard with strength and skating technique to become better and better, so don’t miss out on the blades. Enjoy the perfect skating feeling with ProSharped blades!

We want to educate the market and we welcome our customers’ input; just like every skater, regardless of skill, style or sport, we work hard to improve.

If you are a player or a skater who is interested in developing your skating or if you are interested in making skate sharpening a successful business, you have come to the right place. Let us tell you more about this by clicking the links on the right side of this page.