ProSharp Profiling - Quad Radius Profiles presented

Tuesday, August 25, 2015 11:49 AM 0

For who

• Skilled players
• Elusive Offensive/Defensive players 

Specifics for Each Prosharp Profile

Quad 1 -  Combination profile of 6’-9’-12’-15’. Acceleration, manoeuvrability, speed, and balance are optimized. The best total solution. This combination supports all types of situations and is suited for elusive players offensively/defensively. Size of holders 254-263-272-280. Refer to figure above. '
Quad 2 - Combination profile of 7’-10’-13’-16’. Same as Quad 1, but it adds more stability and speed. Size of hold- ers 263-272-280-288-296. Refer to figure above. 



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