ProSharp story

“Wilhelm Jonasson Lillback was born in 1836, in Kosko, Finland. The family were famous in Finland for their skilled craftsmanship as gunsmiths, but one cold winter in more peaceful times he made his own skates and skated 370 km across the sea to Sweden. After arriving to Sweden, Wilhelm gained a reputation as a locksmith and boat builder. The family tradition of quality and innovation was maintained through the generations by his son Jonas Alfred and later on by his grandson Rune Eriksson. In 1984, Rune Eriksson was working as an automation engineer and was frustrated by being unable to find a decent precision sharpening machine for his sons hockey skates in Njurunda (the club that fostered the Stanley Cup Champions Henrik Zetterberg and Fredrik Modin), so he invented the AS 2001 – the forerunner of the ProSharp AS 2001 Allpro.”

ProSharp skate sharpening machines are made in Njurunda, central Sweden. We delivered our first machines in 1984 and, 29 years later, are still serving skaters. This has only been possible due to our dedication to quality, from components to service, and a genuine interest in research and development. At ProSharp we listen, learn and lead. ProSharp works with skate manufacturers, ergonomy experts, skating instructors and equipment managers and players. We want to educate the market and we welcome our customers input; just like every skater, regardless of skill, style or sport, we work hard to improve.