Picture of the season


Season 2014/2015: Scientifically ahead

If you want to improve your skating you should choose Prosharp Profiling! Scientifically 30(!) years ahead and the technology leader. Today almost all performers in Sweden have the opportunity to have the personal and special tested Prosharp Profile on ice. Prosharp always look at the individual performer. The teams is built by players and not everyone has the same requirements.
The thoughts behind this picture is that we want you to see that sharpening is about science, but it´s not hard, it´s about mathematics but it´s not that complicate and it´s about individuality and thats the most important part of it.
Everyone gets surprised about the feeling on ice when you get a perfect match between skating ability, hollow and Prosharp Profile. Maybe the user also get surprised about how easy it is to use it and how many profiles we have to choose from. We actually got something for every single type of performer.


Season 2013/2014: No Speed Limit

Speed is the act of moving rapidly. We’re not talking about the Autobahn in Germany or Formula 1 in Italy. We’re talking about all types of performers around the world on ice who want to accelerate and enhance their speed. This picture was taken in the same ice hockey arena where two great hockey players have grown up. These two Stanley Cup winning hockey players named the arena Modin/Zäta. It’s location is of course, Njurunda, Sweden





prosharp startpage imagesSeason 2012/2013: Back to Our Roots

Everyone says that our technology is modern, but we think of it as mature. We started the sharpening revolution thirty years ago, and machines number one and two are still used by customers – that’s quality! In this season’s picture we have tried to recreate how it felt when we were young and friends gathered at the rink to play and have fun. The picture was taken at the rink that is 50 metres from the house where Magnus Eriksson grew up, and is where he played his first hockey matches. Löta, Njurunda, Sundsvall, Sweden.

prosharp startpage imagesSeason 2011/2012: The winner

After trials and tribulations, we succeeded in making the easiest to use, high quality sharpening machine on the market. We continually strive to offer the simplest machines with the best results, to make skating more fun. We wanted a picture that captured the joy of succeeding and which showed how many people value these machines. The picture was taken in a studio, and you may know the man behind the mask.

prosharp startpage imagesSeason 2010/2011: Kitchen aid

Magnus’ first thought when he started developing the SkatePal was “Couldn’t we make a machine that gives professional results but is easy to manage?” That machine is now bought and used by both novices and elite equipment managers. The aim was to produce a picture that shows how easy it is to use SkatePal – you can sharpen skates while getting the kids ready for training. The picture was taken in a show kitchen.

prosharp startpage imagesSeason 2009/2010: New times

Expert sharpeners should be able to do more things than holding skates, instead they could develop opportunities for having fun and performing on the ice. So Magnus produced a profiling machine that automatically profiles a pair of skates in less than 10 minutes, with no need to hold on to them. This picture demonstrates that it’s really not necessary to be involved in profiling. The picture was taken in our workshop, just a few metres from where they are made.